Lawyer Starovyborny Evgeny Yurievich

Bar Association "Grozny and Partners"
Starovyborny Evgeny Yurievich

Starovyborny Evgeny Yurievich

Basic information

  • Specialization: Lawyer in civil cases, Lawyer for working with problem loans, Arbitration Lawyer, Family law
  • City: Kaliningrad
  • Phone: +7(4012)722-441 ext 512

Lawyer in the field of business and protection of property rights.

Work experience in the legal profession for more than ten years, in the status of a lawyer since 2016.

Specializes in complex arbitration and civil disputes from contractual, binding, land and family law.

Consumer protection, including in the housing and utilities sector.

Bankruptcy of citizens and individual entrepreneurs of any complexity.


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